The symposium I organize and chair in Barcelona during the 4th Conference of the European Society fot the History of Science deals with the new ways of circulation of mathematical knowledge during the 19th century thanks to the journals of mathematics which appeared first in France (1810), and then in whole Europe.
We commemorate in 2010 the bicentenary of the edition of the first great journal of mathematics, the “Annales de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées” de Joseph-Diez Gergonne (22 vol., 1810-1832). This journal profoundly modified the ways of circulation and of diffusion of this science. All examples showing the enrichment of the mathematics and of their diffusion thanks to this journal and the Journal of Liouville (since 1836), the Nouvelles Annales de Mathématiques (1842-1927), etc., will be welcome.
The initiative of Gergonne has quickly involved many mathematicians all over Europe in this new form of communication. But the French initiatives also incited Germany and neighbouring countries of France to publish journals specifically devoted to mathematics: Journal de Crelle (since 1826), Annali di Matematica (since 1858), etc.
Thus, we can also measure in which way a kind of modernity and of specialization had emerged in the mathematics thanks to those journals.
Those large topics and the subjects of this symposium allow an exploration of many other fields, and especially: the links between different populations of mathematicians and between the journals themselves (eg how publishers exchanged items), the difference between what was called "pure mathematics" and "applied mathematics", the educational issues versus the theoretical progress through the articles and the editorial policies, etc..

Preliminary program:

11 talks, 5 countries: France, Italy, Portugal, Spain & Canada